• Angel4:07
  • Hymn Smile3:42
  • Spring smile3:10
  • Old dirt road4:18
  • Your love has me living once again4:22
  • Start again3:13
  • Party3:01
  • Understand3:44


Fred “Butch” Burns alias ScrapIron Songsmith, is an aspiring, perspiring songsmith, song catcher, hillside philosopher, theologian, pundit and commenter on stuff happinin’. 

Borned, raised and lives in Leon County, Florida, USA.

Been 40+ years playing music mostly in the country/Bluegrass/gospel genre and is the long time mandolin/guitar picker, singer and front man with Bottom Dollar Boy$ Bluegrass band.

Self acknowledged to have written/co-written many HUGE mega-hits! (Just that few folks have heard them… yet).

He is not above shameless self-promotion, and seeks and international following.  

​​Lance W Toohey